Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing – 2 Years

Become a pro in Fashion Design

This two-year program in Fashion Design is focused on developing Fashion Design skills among the students. The program offers a find blend of theory and practice sessions. The curriculum is developed and administered by experienced academicians and professionals from the Fashion Design Industry. Students are encouraged to come up with new ideas and try to put them to practice, thereby striving to help them evolve as Fashion Designers of the future.

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Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design – 2 Years

  • Develop a sense of aesthetics and a unique design approach.
  • Enhance the skills to match the current Fashion Industry demands and trends.
  • Equip them with a mix of skills from Design, Production, Merchandising to Communication and Presentation expertise that can get them to work with leading designers.
  • The course will make the student understand the nuances of the apparel industry, along with developing an eye for detail.
  • The program will enable the student to develop their individual design styles to suit the commercial market.

Upon completion of this two-year Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design, you could:

  • Work as a Fashion designer with:
    • Apparel Manufacturing Companies
    • Design Houses
    • Fashion Design Studios or Brands
  • Work as a Merchandiser with Business Houses in Retail
  • Launch a New Label of your own
Foundation Art
Illustration – Female
Illustration – Male
Illustration – Kids
Traditional Textiles
Fashion Theory
History of Costumes
Pattern Making
Garment Manufacturing
Portfolio Development
Apparel Production
Fashion Retailing
Fashion Merchandising
Quality Control
Principle Of Marketing
Hr & Entrepreneurship
Information Technology
Visual Merchandising
Textiles For Merchandiser
Global Marketing
Business Communication
Consumer Behaviour

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