Advanced Diploma In Interior Design – 2 Years

Learn the fine nuances of Interior Designing

This two-year program in Interior Design is focused on developing Interior Design thinking among the students. The most significant trait of an interior designer is the capability to bring up fresh ideas and visualize diverse scenarios to transform spaces. An Interior Designer must not only know about remodeling the constructed spaces with minimum but also take care of adhering to budgets, safety guidelines, usability and accessibility issues, addressing customer requirements, and above all, managing the execution of the project.

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Advance Diploma In Interior Design – 2 Years

  • Develop a sense of aesthetics and a unique design approach.
  • Inculcate a sense of space utilization and bring ergonomic principles into play.
  • Learn to repurpose old and seemingly junk furniture or decorative pieces.
  • The students will be able to conceptualise and design interiors for residences, retails, hotels, offices.
  • The learner will understand the synergy created between an individual and his/her living space. They will be able to create functional concepts that will enhance the visual appeal and the comfort of the space.
  • Understanding of space & its management becomes clear and students become technically profound to compete in the Industry.
  • Enhances the skills of handling materials used in Interiors and techniques used for its application.

Upon completion of this two-year Advanced Diploma in Interior Design, you could:

  • Work as a Interior Design with:
    • A Real Estate/Construction company
    • Event Management company
    • Advertising and Promotions company
    • Retail and Merchandising company
    • Architectural and Interior Design company
  • Be an independent Interior Designer
History of Art & Craft Movement
Interior Design Basics
Building Materials & Methods of Construction
Technical Representation of Drawing
Design Communication
Understanding Customers’ Taste & Preferences
Use of Colours, Patterns, and Textures
Interior Lighting
Soft Furnishing
Wood Workshop
Interior Space Planning & Design
Furniture Design
Theories of Design
Computer Graphics Design
Model Making Workshop
Ceramic Workshop
Sourcing Material
Managing Schedule
Managing Costs and Budgets
Managing People

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