What is the minimum qualification for a Fashion Designing course?

Fashion designing has rapidly grown to be one of the most sought-after career options for students who have a flair for creativity. The fashion industry has become a lucrative career choice not just in India but abroad as well, and choosing a fashion designing course is something that opens up a world of possibilities for aspirants.

If you are among those people who have had a keen interest in the world of fashion design, a keen eye for aesthetics and a dream to start your own label someday, you can actually get started with the variety of fashion design courses such as an Undergraduate Diploma in Fashion Design, which can be pursued right after your 10+2, and provides you a closer look into the world of design, through real-life exposure and learning, in-depth study of fashion and design principles as well as regular industry interactions. Studying this at undergraduate level will help you get an introduction into the industry as a textile designer, fashion stylist or even fashion PR professional.

With fashion houses looking for highly-skilled, driven and self-reliant design professionals, it makes a good case for those who have working experience in the industry at any level, to pursue a specialisation which further improves their chances of landing job or apprenticeship opportunities with top fashion designers in India. This is where courses like Postgraduate Diploma in Fashion Design are helpful, as they acquaint you with the finer nuances of the field, post which you can set up your enterprise, work with top industry names or even film studios as a costume designer.

There are multiple short-term courses as well, allowing you to pick additional skills to advance your career. Diploma courses in fashion styling, apparel boutique management alongside fashion photography help in making you a multi-faceted designer that any company would love to have.

TIFT Hyderabad offers many courses in Fashion Designing with the advantages of experiential learning, online education support, hands-on, & dynamic curriculum approach as well as regular interactions with stalwarts of the industry. You can choose a course that matches your aspirations and time-frame. Get in touch to know more.

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