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Get ready to take a leap into the world of Fashion with a course in Fashion Design

TIFT Hyderabad offers UG course in Fashion Design

Fashion Designing is a lucrative career option that opens up a plethora of opportunities. It has transformed into a global business where manufacturers, fashion designers, merchandisers, retailers come together to create new styles and trends.  Several sub-fields of fashion such as Apparel Designing, Accessory Designing, Jewellery designing are slowly emerging as a popular career choice […]

Become a Pro in Fashion Design with Bachelor of Science in Fashion Technology

A sketch depicting sketches done by a fashion designer. Fashion design postgraduate course from TIFT Hyderabad.

Fashion, today, is more than just a concept, it is a way of life. It is a medium to express your ideas using clothes and putting them on display for world to appreciate. Fashion Technology is undoubtedly a new, emerging field full of golden opportunities. TIFT Hyderabad offers three-year Bachelor of Science in Fashion Technology […]

Become a Skilled Interior Designer with a post-graduate course in Interior Design


An Interior designer has the pre-requisites to transform empty spaces into beautiful creations. The profession of interior designer is a creative one and gaining popularity among the youth. Today, there is a growing desire for luxurious homes with great aesthetics and a huge demand for talented interior design professionals. TIFT Hyderabad offers a post-graduate course in Interior Design

Breathe life into characters with a degree in Multimedia and Animation Design

Multimedia and Animation training by TIFT

Multimedia and Animation design field is a combination of entertainment as well as technology. Taking a professional course hones your animation and multimedia design skills and provides better understanding of the market trends.