Become a Skilled Interior Designer with a post-graduate course in Interior Design


An Interior designer has the pre-requisites to transform empty spaces into beautiful creations. The profession of interior designer is a creative one and gaining popularity among the youth. Today, there is a growing desire for luxurious homes with great aesthetics and a huge demand for talented interior design professionals. TIFT Hyderabad offers a post-graduate course in Interior Design.

A comprehensive post-graduate course in Interior Design at TIFT Hyderabad allows students to explore the intricate aspects of the interior design industry and helps the budding designers understand the fundamentals of this industry through a meticulously planned, hands-on approach to their syllabus. The interior design course curriculum prepares students for challenges as well as scenarios they’ll face in the interior designing process.

Talking about the course pedagogy, there is huge focus on a combination of theory, research, design and practical assignments as well as workshops. The right blend of technology and creativity make this interior designing course a balanced one. TIFT offers the right tools and expertise required to make your mark in the interior design world.

Pursuing a post-graduate degree in interior design will help you develop requisite skills to design interior spaces, create new and innovative work and personal spaces. It focuses not just on the process/technique for interior designing, but also on information about current trends on interior design, planning of resources as well as designing architecture at the national and global scale.

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