Who are the Top Indian Fashion Designers?

Collage picture of Top Indian Fashion Designers

Some of the top Indian fashion designers and leading names in the Indian fashion industry have been winning hearts across the globe with their signature styles and unique fusions.

Boost your career in the Fashion Industry with a Master’s Degree in Fashion Design

TIFT Hyderabad offers masters course in Fashion Design

The field of fashion design has been inspiring and fascinating youth and alike for several years now. It provides an arena where you can showcase your creative and artistic skills. A professional course in fashion designing, gives you an opportunity to work with manufacturers, retailers and fashion designers to fulfill the demand of the customers. […]

Get ready to take a leap into the world of Fashion with a course in Fashion Design

TIFT Hyderabad offers UG course in Fashion Design

Fashion Designing is a lucrative career option that opens up a plethora of opportunities. It has transformed into a global business where manufacturers, fashion designers, merchandisers, retailers come together to create new styles and trends.  Several sub-fields of fashion such as Apparel Designing, Accessory Designing, Jewellery designing are slowly emerging as a popular career choice […]

Become a Pro in Fashion Design with Bachelor of Science in Fashion Technology

A sketch depicting sketches done by a fashion designer. Fashion design postgraduate course from TIFT Hyderabad.

Fashion, today, is more than just a concept, it is a way of life. It is a medium to express your ideas using clothes and putting them on display for world to appreciate. Fashion Technology is undoubtedly a new, emerging field full of golden opportunities. TIFT Hyderabad offers three-year Bachelor of Science in Fashion Technology […]

Become a Skilled Interior Designer with a post-graduate course in Interior Design


An Interior designer has the pre-requisites to transform empty spaces into beautiful creations. The profession of interior designer is a creative one and gaining popularity among the youth. Today, there is a growing desire for luxurious homes with great aesthetics and a huge demand for talented interior design professionals. TIFT Hyderabad offers a post-graduate course in Interior Design

Breathe life into characters with a degree in Multimedia and Animation Design

Multimedia and Animation training by TIFT

Multimedia and Animation design field is a combination of entertainment as well as technology. Taking a professional course hones your animation and multimedia design skills and provides better understanding of the market trends.

Create Forms and Transform Spaces with a Specialised Course in Interior Design

living room pic with couch for bachelors-of-arts-interior-design course by TIFT Hyderabad India

A bachelor’s program in Interior Design equips you with the right technical sense to understand a space and exhibit it in an innovative form.

What is the minimum qualification for a Fashion Designing course?

Fashion industry has become a lucrative career choice not just in India but abroad as well, and choosing a fashion designing course is something that opens up a world of possibilities for aspirants.

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