Current Fashion Trends in 2022

Fashion Trends in 2022 - Girls wearing outfits in vogue in 2022

In the current time when the day is all occupied with online meetings and work-from-home, fashion trends witnessed a shift to easy-to-wear and comfortable yet trendy designs. So far, the latest fashion trends were gathered from fashion events, runways, and magazines. But now social media, youth culture, celebrity styling, and street fashion are dictating the new fashion trends.

As the trends keep changing every now and then, this season is all inspired by the 90’s look and style. The only difference is that the classic styles are reinvented with oversized clothes, loud colors and streetwear styles.

Fashion Trends in vogue this season include some of these:

1.       Hoodies under Blazer:  The most popular style of the season is Hoodies under Blazer. Inspired by the streetwear style, wearing solid color hoodies under blazers or denim jackets makes a style statement according to the occasion.

2.       Women’s Oversized Bomber Jackets: A Bomber Jacket is customarily a short, waist-length jacket with a zipper front and four front pockets. You can put on the oversized bomber jackets with high-rise socks and oversized sneakers to create the season’s look.

3.       Cropped Cardigans: A short knitted cardigan is called a cropped cardigan. It goes well with stylish casuals like denim pants, sweatpants, and midi skirts. Accompanied by boots gives you a completely stylish look to carry and make heads turn.

4.       Casual Trench: A trench coat is a long, loose double-breasted coat witha belt. Trench coats can usually be paired with any clothing like pants, midi’s, frocks, and skirts. For decades it’s been used for styling and the history comes from the First World War, when it was used by the army men and since then it has maintained its existence in fashion.

5.       Power Bohemian Florals: The wordBohemian” reminds of femininity and floral motif designs. Floral prints represent the beautiful and feminine side of nature. It’s not only rose prints but it’s also taking over goth clothing brands, trends like cottage core, darker academia, light academia, and aesthetic clothing. This season, you can find power bohemian florals in trend.

6.       Puff Sleeves: Puff sleeves come from 80’s styling. This could be from a balloon, the Juliet, to the leg of mutton, and so on. They create larger-than-life looks, with balloon sleeves on a sweater, billowing sleeves in pleated shirts, perfectly puffed gowns, and double-breasted winter coats or matched with a scarf to create a fresh look.

7.       Color Clashing: Color clashing means that the two-color corresponding mix uses two high-contrast or conflicting tones that are opposite on the color wheel. Color clashing is the best way to upgrade your wardrobe and make a style statement at no extra cost. Choose shades that are just opposites on the color wheel like clash pink with yellow, orange with blue or black with green, neon with neon.

8.       Y2K Fashion: Y2K fashion covers the late 90’s and early to mid-2000s fashion like cropped tees, baggy pants, and kitsch accessories. This fashion style has gained its space with Gen Z’s preference for a  comfortable and trendy attire together. So, grab candy-colored sweatpants, metallic jackets and create your style statement.

9.       Wide-Legged Pants: Baggy and wide-legged pants are back in fashion. Wear a pair of baggy denim with a cropped or skinny fit top to create a casual look. Wide-legged pants are also known as baggy or puddle pants.

10.   Loud Logos: Logos were a part of fashion back in the ’90s and it has returned with a bang. The new fashion trend is to use the logo all over the dress, bags, or purses. The use of neon sign-style logos and graffiti graphics are part of fashion trends this season.

These were the few current fashion trends of the season. To know more and keep you updated with the new fashion trends, keep reading the blogs related to Fashion posted by Trendz Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad.

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