Hair Care Tips: Know your Hair Type

hair care: know your hair type

The luscious strands of your crowning glory shall always be for you to flaunt! In an age underlined by self-love, it is of utmost importance that we know about hair care to make them look lustrous and healthy. Your hair adds definition to your personality and is a statement unto itself. It is however a sad reality that most of us do not know our hair. We spend time staring at beautiful hairstyles wishing it on our heads but not realizing that we could experiment with and beautify our own.

The process begins with understanding the hair texture and kind. This depends on genetics, weather and general health. One must have an understanding of these factors to learn how to pamper oneself. There are broadly four kinds of hair depending on the pattern of waves in your hair:

  • Straight Hair
  • Wavy Hair
  • Curly Hair
  • Coiled Hair

The curl pattern of the hair can be altered by treating it with heat or chemicals. It can also be altered by the intake of certain medications, but the basic style remains imprinted in the DNA and every time your hair grows, it comes to view.

These hair types can be further categorized based on the tightness of the curls. The ability to categorize the hair type is the key to styling and hair care.

Hair care and styling

Every day can be a good hair day if you know how to do it right! Based on the kind of hair, the following is to provide you with an idea to mind your mane.

Type 1 – Straight Hair

This kind of hair has no natural curl. The texture of each hair may vary in coarseness and thickness.  This kind of hair is prone to becoming oily so one must be careful to avoid hair products with added oil. Dry shampoo is a good bet for you. Although hairstyle should be determined more by the shape of face than kind of hair, chin length blunt cut, bangs and layers works quite fine for straight hair.

Type 2 – Wavy Hair

Now wavy hair has a wide range. It can be a gentle tousle in an otherwise straight head or strands that are ‘S’ is shape or thick and frizzy. To prevent the waves from flattening, you must avoid oil based or creamy products. Rather, you must invest in a good mousse or gel to define the waves. Those with a prominent ‘S’ might consider color highlighting the outer layer of your crown. If your tresses are very defines and frizzy, anti-humidity products are your best buddy. Trying to straighten your hair regularly leads to heat damage. Thus a light mouse could be used to enhance curls and control frizz.

Type 3 – Curly Hair

The curly hair can be in the form loose loops, form springs from the roots or be tight and springy. For this hair type right brushing is the mantra. You must avoid silicone and sulfates to arrest frizz as it gives only temporary relief but long term damage like drying and breakage. Instead of combing, try a leave-in conditioner which you can rake through your hair with your finger-tips.

Type 4 – Coiled Hair

This kind of hair is a tight, well defined ‘S’, which might be of a zig-zag structure. They are the most delicate and fragile kind and needs good looking after. Coconut oils, shea butter creams are good for this hair structure. Washing them with conditioner is also popular.

While you care for your hair and style them, remember your hair is beautiful! And to ensure that you treat it well, keep following the TIFT blog for tips on latest styling by industry experts. TIFT has also emerged as a premier institution in Hyderabad offering courses on Makeup and Hair Styling.

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