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Hair Care Tips: Know your Hair Type

hair care: know your hair type

The luscious strands of your crowning glory shall always be for you to flaunt! In an age underlined by self-love, it is of utmost importance that we know about hair care to make them look lustrous and healthy. Your hair adds definition to your personality and is a statement unto itself. It is however a […]

Knowing the Skin Type makes the Makeup Artist Perfect


Your skin acts as a shield and protects your body from getting damaged from heat, cold, dust, air, and light. So you must know your skin type. Further, it is all the more important for an aspiring makeup artist to know the various skin types before you start offering your services to people. Broadly, you […]

Hair Dressing and Styling as a Career

Picture for blog post on Career in Hair Dressing and Styling. Shows scissors and comb.

Most of us wish to look beautiful, well dressed and stylish to boost our confidence, especially when we want to attend an important event. An appropriate makeup along with a suitable hairdo can totally change your appearance and make you more presentable according to the occasion, event or place. Hair styling plays a significant role […]

A Career in Make Up Artistry

Picture showing a girl wearing make up, for TIFT blog - career in make up artistry

Nowadays, a career in make up artistry may prove to be lucrative as the Beauty and Personal Care is getting all the attention it deserves. People want to look good and feel positive about themselves. Before learning more about this career option, let’s start with the basics – the definition.