Hair Dressing and Styling as a Career

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Most of us wish to look beautiful, well dressed and stylish to boost our confidence, especially when we want to attend an important event. An appropriate makeup along with a suitable hairdo can totally change your appearance and make you more presentable according to the occasion, event or place. Hair styling plays a significant role in making you look different yet appealing. Nowadays, hair styling or hair dressing is being recognized as a remarkable career option if you want to make your mark in the fashion industry.

A hair dresser or hair stylist is an expert who trims, manages your hair, or colour them to make you appear different. These experts are well trained from recognised institutions such as TIFT.  Trained hair specialists understand the requirement of their clients and then accordingly they decide what treatments they must give you for a make-over that makes heads turn. Hair styling experts undergo thorough Training in hair styling before they find themselves ready to become sought-after coiffeurs.  Not only the best salons in the city, the who’s who of the city come seeking for the perfect Hair Stylist in the town.

Coveted hair styling and hair dressing courses have helped a lot of styling enthusiasts make a career in this field. They earn livelihood for their families as they move towards establishing themselves in the fashion and glamour industry.  For them, it becomes a part and parcel of their life to help the popular actors or artists look glamourous and beautiful. Hair Styling / Dressing is a career which can give you flexibility, financial stability, satisfaction and the scope to learn and innovate. However, hair-dressing is not as easy to get into if you are eyeing to make it real big. You need an equally reputed name when it comes to the certification that can boost your hair styling career. Apart from that, here’s a list of the most essential attributes of a successful hair stylist.

To become a good hair dresser/ stylist, one needs to have:

  1. Basic academic qualifications
  2. Knowledge and understanding of clients’ needs
  3. Expertise in your skill
  4. Good communication skills
  5. Negotiation skills
  6. Well versed training from a renowned hair styling academy

Thinking about the career prospects in hair styling in India, it gives you a lot of options to choose from, such as:

  • working for a Salon brand
  • becoming a personal hair stylist
  • start your own business
  • become the stylist of a celebrity
  • work for Films and television industry 

If you have got formal and professional training you can even join hands with professional consultants or studios, fashion houses and even magazines for styling. After gaining enough knowledge and market experience, you can start up with your own business and establish yourself in the industry.

Trendz Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad offers you the opportunity to learn and grow yourself as a professional Hair Dresser/ Stylist with its professional courses in Hair. 

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