Diploma In Fashion Styling – 6 Months

It is not always about fabric or design, Styling is the essence of Fashion

This program is devised to impart knowledge about Fashion Styling, which is much in demand these days. Not just being restricted to Showbiz celebrities, Business Tycoons, Politicians, and Sports Personalities, Fashion Styling has become accessible to anyone who wants to go for a makeover or make a personalized style statement. Even the commoners are now conscious about what we they wear for work, how they dress for various events or parties they attend.

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Diploma In Fashion Styling

  • Develop an intricate understanding of the styling needs for brands as well as personalities.
  • Knowledge of trends in vogue and what’s cliché – therefore – not in fashion.
  • Know about the roles and responsibilities of a fashion stylist.
  • Be able to demonstrate the principles of fashion styling for an individual or brand.
  • Be able to apply the principles of fashion styling to consumer groups.
  • Be able to produce high end editorial shoots.

Upon completion of this program, you could work as:

  • Personal Fashion Stylist
  • Brand Stylist
  • Photo-shoot Stylist
Basics of Design Elements
Foundation Art
Introduction to CAD – Basics
Illustration – – Basics
Styling module-project
Principles of Personal Fashion Styling
Theme-based styling
Concept-based film-making
Styling in Print & Editorial work

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