Diploma in Fashion & Business Management – 1 Year

Learn to Build and Manage a Fashion Brand

This program equips you to manage a business in Fashion Industry – be a Design Studio, Fashion House, or a Retail Fashion Boutique. It upgrades your theoretical knowledge as well as functional know-how about aspects such as Branding, Strategic Planning, Marketing & Sales, Operations Management, People Management, Leadership, and Client Relations. This is best suited for those who aspire to become entrepreneurs in the Fashion World.

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Diploma in Fashion & Business Management – 1 Year

  • Provides insights into Fashion Industry best practices, ethics, standards, and modes of operation.
  • Equips you with knowledge of how to create a unique product range using innovation and fusion of styles or fabrics.
  • Trains you to master the art of communication with clients, customers or business associates.
  • Enhances your marketing, promotion, merchandising skills to boost sales and revenue..
  • The Students will develop a strong skill set and rewarding industry relationships.
  • Students of Fashion Design and Business Management will have an in-depth knowledge on apparel and textile designs, production methods, consumer behaviour, supply chain, supply chain management.
  • The Key principles and skills obtained from this course leads to many career opportunities and ensures a successful career in fashion and related industries.

Upon completion of this program you could work as:

  • Visual Merchandiserwith:
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Retail Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager
Apparel Production
Fashion Retailing
Fashion Merchandising
Quality Control
Principle of Marketing
HR & Entrepreneurship
Information Technology
Visual Merchandising
Textiles for Merchandiser
Global Marketing
Business Communication
Consumer Behaviour

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