Diploma In Fashion Photography – 3 Months

Get to know all it takes to make it big in Fashion as the visuals sell the brands
This program is exclusively meant for Photography enthusiasts or amateur photographers aspiring to make a foray into Fashion Photography. Capturing and projecting the beauty of Apparel and Fashion accessories is primarily done through strikingly appealing visuals – stills and videos. It requires a certain knack to choose the right frame and be perfectly timed. All the product marketing and advertising effort considers Photography an essential ingredient of product popularity.
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Diploma In Fashion Photography

  • Learn the nuances of Fashion Photography such as lighting, timing, choosing a frame.
  • Know about the post-production editing that makes the good pictures look great.
  • Ensuring the colours in the pictures match the actual products.

Post completion of the Diploma In Fashion Photography, you will be able to:

  • Encapsulate the entire medium of Visual Image from a technical as well as from an art point of view
  • Imagine, Communicate, Integrate and Implement the technical skill sets required in the world of Fashion Photography
  • Understand the importance of visualization and observation in the art of Fashion Photography
  • Attain a clear-cut knowledge of handling the technical aspects of a camera
  • Take challenges in the visual image Industry from a professional point of view

Upon completion of this program, you could work as:
  • Independent Fashion Photographer
  • Full-time Photographer with a Fashion House
  • Fashion Photo journalist
  • Wedding and Events Photographer
  • Still Photographer in Film Production Company/Studio

Photography: Background and History
Introduction to Fashion Photography
Handling a DSLR Camera
Using Lights, Diffusers, Tripods and other aids
Lenses and focal lengths, Filters
Visualization, Angles, and Composition
Post-production and Editing Pictures
Creating Portfolios
Final Project

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