Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design – 3 Years


This comprehensive course provides students with an opportunity to learn from the best and hone their skills in understanding the fundamentals of interior designing. As a full time meticulously planned 3-years undergraduate program, students understand the fundamentals as well as advanced research-level works, as per the industry requirements, thus guiding them to the lucrative, exciting yet challenging field of Interior and Apparel Design. It involves gaining a thorough knowledge in theory, materials, techniques as well as software with the addition of sustainable interior .

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Undergraduate Interior Design | Duration: 3 Years

A graduation in Interior Design course is a significant step towards a successful career in the Interior Design Industry equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to excel in the increasingly competitive market. This full time 3-year intensive program incorporates anything and everything necessary to succeed in the field of Interior Design including updated course materials, latest designing techniques, knowledge on quality standards and contemporary designs, necessary industry exposure and interdisciplinary collaborations.

  • The course concentrates on Progressive Modules with Industry Oriented outcomes.
  • It includes a 1 – 3 Month Industry Internship after the completion of the course.
  • The course focuses and includes comprehensive CAD training.


  • The course gives an in-depth knowledge about the working principles of Interior Design.

  • The Interior Design aspirants get hands-on experience

  • Technical design visualizations achieved by intensive training

Upon completion of this program, you could:

  • Work with an Architectural Firm, Exhibition Designers
  • Join an Interior Design business
  • Work as an independent Interior Design professional

Basic Design Principles 1

Interior Design Principles 1
Interior Construction 1
Interior Materials & Products 1
Drawing Skills 1
History of Furniture
Basic Design Principles 2
Interior Design Principles 2
Interior Construction 2
Interior Materials & Products 2
Drawings Skills 2
Techniques & Processes
Interior Design Workshop 1
Interior Construction 3
Critical Study in Art and Design
Interior Drawings & Rep. Skills 3
Environmental Studies 1
Interior Services 1
Interior Design Workshop 2
Interior Construction 4
Visual Merchandising
Interior Drawings & Rep. Skills 4
Environmental Studies 2
Interior Services 2
Specialty Interior Design Studio 5
Interior Design Styling
Interior Working Drawing 1
Project Management
Interior Professional Practice 1
Computer Aided Design (CAD) 1
Specialty Interior Design Studio 6
Interior Design Styling 2
Interior Working Drawing 2
Interior Professional Practice 2
Computer Aided Design (CAD) 2

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