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Current Fashion Trends in 2022

Fashion Trends in 2022 - Girls wearing outfits in vogue in 2022

In the current time when the day is all occupied with online meetings and work-from-home, fashion trends witnessed a shift to easy-to-wear and comfortable yet trendy designs. So far, the latest fashion trends were gathered from fashion events, runways, and magazines. But now social media, youth culture, celebrity styling, and street fashion are dictating the […]

Are you made for a career in Fashion Photography?

A model getting ready for a fashion photoshoot. TIFT Blog on career in Fashion Photography.

When we think of fashion, the picture that comes to mind is that stunning models wearing beautiful dresses and vibrant accessories, posing at some exotic location. Highlighting the fashion trends and making it reach the target audiences, it all starts with Fashion Photography. Fashion Photography is a profession that focuses on glorifying fashion and promoting […]

World’s Top Interior Designers

TIFT Hyderabad's Interior Design blog on World’s Top Interior Designers

The creative minds of interior designers have been changing spaces into masterpieces through their innovation, creativity and vision for ages. This creative vocation is blessed with talented and skilled professionals, following whom the budding interior designers can learn and excel too. Some of the world’s top interior designers are listed here, in no specific order. […]