Are you made for a career in Fashion Photography?

A model getting ready for a fashion photoshoot. TIFT Blog on career in Fashion Photography.

When we think of fashion, the picture that comes to mind is that stunning models wearing beautiful dresses and vibrant accessories, posing at some exotic location. Highlighting the fashion trends and making it reach the target audiences, it all starts with Fashion Photography.

Fashion Photography is a profession that focuses on glorifying fashion and promoting new collections by various fashion designers. The purpose of fashion photography is to enhance the beauty of the newly created outfits and fashion accessories by arranging them for display with proper backdrop and lighting.

Like most of the career avenues, Fashion Photography also takes time and patience to master the skill. It takes a while before an amateur, aspiring fashion photographer captures a perfect and eye-catching photo. It certainly comes with lot of hard work, patience, training from experts, and knowing the art in and out.

Choosing a suitable camera and other photography equipment is the most essential step in fashion photography. It is very important to understand that the camera type, the lens and lighting needed for a particular type of shoot. You must know if you are shooting for a ramp event, a catalogue, high fashion, street fashion, editorial purpose, outdoor advertisements or social media. There are various types of cameras that professionals use, such as a DSLR camera, which again can be a full-frame or crop camera.

Most importantly, it is about having a keen eye for a good frame or the right moment that can give you an extraordinary picture that is worth a reward. Perspectives matter a lot in photography as much as the knowledge of the colour palette. Composition of a picture is something that can make it instantly noticeable even in a gallery of pictures or Instagram feeds.

Fashion photography is tied in with selling a way of life through marvellous photography. The arrangements and composition is vital in any style or kind of photography as it gives grace and quality to your shoots.

Few Famous Fashion Photographers around the world are:

  • Pamela Hanson
  • Mario Testino
  • Mert and Marcus
  • Alexandra Nataf
  • Julia Hetta
  • Tarun Khiwal
  • Dabboo Ratnani
  • Suresh Natrajan

Following the top-notch fashion photographers on social media to look at their work can be another way of learning about Fashion Photography. To learn about making a career in Fashion Photography, check out the details of Fashion Photography course offered by TIFT Hyderabad.

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