Fashion Styling Importance, Education and Career

Image management has taken a very important stand in society today. More and more people are becoming conscious about the way they present themselves to the world. The putting together of the wardrobe has taken a professional turn. Every article of wear, ranging from clothes, accessories, shoes and makeup needs to be in synchronization to have the desired effect. Whether it be a celebrity or a regular individual, the need and desire to up the style game is in vogue. Individuals are more aware today of the importance of the way they dress up. In fact, people strive to find an expression through their dresses and accessories using Fashion Styling.

This trend brings in a lot of scope in the field of Fashion Styling. Fashion Styling is the adeptness of styling garments, accessories, shoes  and putting together a look, which is not only pleasing to the eyes but is also comfortable, suitable to the occasion and environment, makes an individual feel good about oneself. A lot of people need the services of a professional stylist to concoct a desire look.

Why is Fashion Styling Important?

One’s attire has become synonymous with the self. A lot of thought and emotions are invested when one chooses one’s wardrobe and it is important that one gets it right. Following are some of the reasons why this art is flourishing today.

  1. What you wear is your expression – Your style reveals what you stand for. It also speaks about you and what is around you. It gives an idea about your personality and allows you to make a statement about yourself.
  2. It indicates your emotional build, your aspirations and habits.
  3. Your style can boost your confidence and the way you feel about yourself.
  4. It can also make you feel powerful and independent.
  5. You can create your signature style statement with how you clothe yourself.

How to become a Fashion Stylist?

Like every profession, Fashion Styling too needs training. Through a professional course, one finds exposure to the huge gamut of fabrics, colors and styles. One learns how to create a look based on an individual’s personality, body type, profession and social standing.

Courses in Fashion Styling aim at teaching the candidates the technicalities revolving about fashion ranging from creating a look to visual communication through photographs. The dexterity in the practical assembling of the style depends on one’s understanding of the technicalities and the human factor revolving around one’s clients. There are multiple levels to the course and one progresses by clearing one level at a time. A diploma certification is awarded at the completion of the course. There are also Advanced Diploma and Bachelor courses available in Fashion Styling. The following are some of the responsibilities of a Fashion Stylist.

  1. Working with designers, tailors and hair and make-up artists.
  2. Picking clothes and accessories.
  3. Researching on fabrics and accessories.
  4. Being abreast of the happenings in the fashion world.
  5. Sourcing clothing.
  6. Building a network.

Courses Available:

A Diploma in Fashion Styling course offered by TIFT, Hyderabad covers knowledge of trends in vogue and to develop an intricate understanding of the styling needs for brands as well as personalities.

Career Path of a Fashion Stylist:

A new entrant to the industry, one can look at a package of about Rs. 2.2 Lacs per annum, which goes up to Rs. 15.50 Lacs at a senior lever. The job opportunities include:

  1. High End Fashion Brands
  2. Fashion Houses
  3. Event Organisation
  4. Fashion Magazines
  5. Personal Styling
  6. Social Media Platforms
  7. Fashion Websites

TIFT Hyderabad is a premier institution offering specialized courses in Fashion Styling, which can give your career a head start.

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