5 Essential Tips a Fashion Stylist Needs To Succeed

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Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” —Lauren Hutton

To start with fashion, we must know the difference between Fashion Designer and Fashion Stylist. Both of them go hand in hand. Designers create the design and outfits but the Stylist creates dresses in a customized and personalized manner. This means a stylist creates dresses or outfits that suit the personality of an individual. Fashion Trends are created by Fashion Designers but a Fashion Stylist studies those trends and designs outfits that suit the client’s need particularly keeping in mind the client’s personality type and body structure.

Thus, we can say that a Fashion Stylist is a professional who follows fashion trends and styles you keeping all the aesthetics of fashion, your personality, and your appearance to make you look as fashionable, appealing, and stylish as possible.

As of now, we know what is a Fashion Stylist and what they do, let’s discuss a few essential tips all fashion stylists need to succeed:

  • Develop a strong networking skill: If you want to succeed in the fashion industry and want to earn a name and fame then you must build a good client list along with a strong network with fashion designers. You need to regularly attend the fashion shows and events to build your strong network as most of the time these networks help you find good clients and get you to work. You need to develop professional relations to sustain yourself in the fashion industry. Since it’s a cut-throat market, you need to be quick enough to grab the opportunities.
  • Possess good fashion sense: To be a good and successful fashion stylist, your sense of styling and fashion needs to be the best. You need to develop good taste along with sparing a thought on what style or trends could suit your client. You need to be creative and imaginative at the same time, keeping in mind the choices and requirements of the client. You have to keep experimenting with the new trends to create your unique styling.
  • Understanding body and face shapes: Every client has a different body and face shape. To style them, you need to possess a good understanding of a variety of body and face shapes. You need to understand the body structure and face cuts, and should have an understanding of what kind of dress or fabric suits different body shapes. Be it ethnic, fusion, or western dresses, you should know the style of draping and how to make the client comfortable in wearing them. A stylist must know what will make their client look best, accentuating the best aspects of their body and hiding the flaws.
  • Be confident and communicative: To succeed and sustain yourself in the fashion industry you can’t be shy. You need to be confident in your work and show that confidence with your words. You must never hesitate while communicating your thoughts and even asking for help from industry mentors. To grow your business and clientele, you need to be communicative. Ask for referrals, go for invites, attend fashion shows and events, speak to people around, promote yourself and if possible show your styling skill in your dressing to impress others.
  • Stay up to date: Last but not least, you need to stay up to date about the latest fashion trends. To keep yourself updated, attend all fashion events and meets, read fashion magazines, follow famous fashion designers, and keep noticing the celebrity styling and red carpets.

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