A Career in Make Up Artistry

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Nowadays, a career in make up artistry may prove to be lucrative as the Beauty and Personal Care is getting all the attention it deserves. People want to look good and feel positive about themselves. Before learning more about this career option, let’s start with the basics – the definition.

What Is Make-up?

Applying cosmetics to the face to enhance the appearance of a person is called makeup and the techniques or art of applying makeup is called makeup artistry.

Makeup Artistry includes the expert knowledge and flawless skills in the following:

  • Fashion
  • Theatrical
  • Special Effects Make up
  • Airbrushing
  • Bridal
  • High Definition

Fashion: This kind of makeup is done in editorial or runaway events and photography like fashion shows where makeup is done as per the theme with lot of sophistication and complexity.

Theatrical: This kind of makeup is generally done for stage plays and theatre shows, which involve the use of props and lighting effects to make the expressions prominent. Makeup is done as per the role or character given to the artist in the role pay.

Special Effects Make up:  Embellishments are given with the assistance of prosthetics to improve the components dependent on the person played. It is for the most part utilized in motion pictures or plays where an individual plays an extraordinary person or job and to give that embellishment different strategies are utilized so it looks regular and genuine. The materials used for special effects make-up include on-skin silicone, liquid latex and gelatine which are all perfect for creating smaller pieces which will be applied to the actor’s skin. A good example could be Mr Amitabh Bachchan in the movie “Paa”.

Bridal: Nowadays, any wedding is incomplete without bridal makeup. It has turned into a significant piece of Wedding Planning. Each bride-to-be wants to undergo the delightful experience with bridal makeup by enhancing her facial features and appearance.

High Definition:  It involves the use of light, minerals and makeup tools to enhance the flawless skin and giving a perfect look. The HD Makeup items are very good quality and are covered with light-diffusing coatings, which assist with obscuring the light when it reflects back. In the end, everything prompts a somewhat smooth, straightforward yet flawless look which doesn’t look unnatural by any stretch of the imagination. HD Makeup conceals the skin imperfections such as uneven texture, flaws, pores, scars, and so on.

Airbrushing: In airbrushing, the cosmetics are spayed on the skin, a huge number of drops join and create a smooth and flawless skin. Artificially glamorize method can likewise be utilized to apply blush, eye shadow, lip tones and refine eyebrows. Whenever applied well, the artificially glamorize strategy can make a characteristic completion. It takes a sharp power over the artificially glamorize machine to make an impeccable and consistent cosmetics look. Else, it can show up totally weighty and fake.

If you are an individual who has a natural ability to make other people look great with make-up and have zeal to learn the nitty-gritties of make up, then you must go for a formal certification in makeup artistry and establish yourself as a cosmetic care expert.

One could make vocation as a make-up artist in different field like:

  • Bridal make-up artist
  • Make-up artist for salon
  • Become a beauty blogger/vlogger/influencer
  • Freelancer Make-up artist
  • Make-up trainer

Get in touch with TIFT Hyderabad today to know more about the courses to help you make a career in Makeup Artistry.

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