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The word Makeup brings to mind vivid pictures of gloss, mascara, sparkles, shimmer, shades, brushes, beauty products, style and the ilk. Today, it’s essential to look beautiful for each occasion worth celebrating. Makeup helps a lot to make you look perfect according to the time and place. However, there are some myths and misconceptions about makeup and makeup products. Here we go with busting some of those myths about makeup:

Myths and Facts:

  • You don’t need sunscreen if you wear makeup:  Nowadays, most of the beauty products contain SPF, which protects your skin from UV Rays. Generally, people think that you don’t need to put the sunscreen if you have applied the makeup. But the fact is that when different beauty products are combined together, the effectiveness of the SPF is diluted and becomes less effective. So, after 15-20 minutes, you have to reapply the sunscreen. It’s always better to use a good and high SPF sunscreen as our skin gets damaged not only by UV rays emitted by the sun, it even gets affected by the light emitted from outdoor lamps, Mobile screen, Laptop, Tube light etc. So, keep applying sunscreen at regular intervals to protect your skin from getting damaged.
  • Makeup is bad for your skin: There is a general perception that applying makeup regularly is not good for your skin. It damages your skin texture and makes it look dull or get cracks and wrinkles. But the experts say it’s not the makeup that damages your skin. Rather, it gets damaged because of stress, eating habits, alcohol consumption, smoking, environmental factors and more. Makeup only helps you hide the flaws in your skin. You need to follow a daily good skincare regime to maintain your skin well. Makeup could be applied regularly but it definitely needs to be removed before going to bed to keep your skin pores open and allow to breathe.
  • Makeup products do not expire:  Everything comes with an expiry date and so do makeup products. All beauty products have an expiry date mentioned on the label and one should not use any of such products that have expired or are close to getting expired soon. Any product reaching its expiry date is not suitable for the skin. It may cause irritation, rashes or other skin problems. Since, there are chances that the product about to expire, must have developed bacteria. This can cause breakout or could get you some side effects. So, it’s always recommended to check your beauty products regularly and get rid of those products that are expired or approaching the expiry date.
  • Expensive makeup is better: One of the biggest myths about makeup is that expensive makeup is always better. Never judge a product by its label. Whether branded or not, it is good if it suits your skin. All lab tested and approved products generally have similar composition if they are developed for a defined purpose. With branded products, you surely get a better packaging and shopping experience. You might feel elated to buy them for some celebrity endorsements.  In a nutshell, if a product is not branded but suits your skin then that it is good for you. Price tags do not make a product good or bad. So, you must go for products that are compatible with your skin type, instead of blindly going for branded and high-priced products.
  • There is no harm in sleeping with your makeup on: After a party or a busy day at work, it’s a tiring job to remove your makeup. Though some people might say that it is ok not to remove the makeup but in reality, it’s very important to remove your makeup before going to bed. Makeup is a kind of layering on your skin and it clogs your skin pores, making it difficult for skin to breathe. Clogged pores can cause skin breakouts and can cause skin related issues, so it’s always advisable to remove makeup with makeup remover and a cotton ball.
  • You don’t need to clean your make up brushes: Any brushes or sponges used to apply makeup needs to be cleaned regularly. When we apply makeup with brushes or sponges, the products get infused deep into the brushes or sponges. Without proper cleaning after each use, the brushes develop bacteria on them. When used repeatedly without cleaning, these brushes may become the cause of skin breakouts or other related issues. Even if you are using the brushes or sponges only for yourself, it is highly advisable to regularly clean your brushes or sponges for better application of products and keep your skin healthy.  

These are a few myths about Makeup that keep people misguided, further leading them to skin issues or avoiding makeup completely. To learn more about makeup artistry, clarifying your doubts and to make your career in beauty industry get along with us at Trendz Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad .

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