Fashion Photography: Education and Career

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What is Fashion Photography?

Photography as the word suggests that clicking pictures, Fashion Photography means taking pictures related to fashion industry. Bringing out the beauty of mesmerizing locations with amazing models wearing wonderful makeup and vibrant accessories. Capturing all this with a professional hi-end camera is all about it. This genre of photography aims to promote the new products or accessories and fashion trends of tomorrow.

What does a Fashion Photographer Do?

Fashion Photographers generally work closely with fashion designers, magazine editors, fashion models, advertising companies, make-up artists and lighting technicians to create the magic on lens. A Fashion Photographer’s work is to use the most out of a location, model, lights, accessories and other elements used to make a unique picture that promotes the fashion products well enough.  Fashion Photographers conceptualize and showcase fashion through photographs in a pleasant and effective way. It is a creative and artistic way to project the fashion products to the audience.

What academic qualification is needed to be a Fashion Photographer?

To be a fashion photographer, one must complete the basic education (10 + 2) and then get a certificate or a diploma course in fashion photography. Trendz Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad offers a 3 months diploma course in Fashion Photography. You can pursue TIFT’s photography course at a later stage, perhaps after your degree or Masters. With a formal photography course, you can become a good fashion photographer as you acquire knowledge as well as the skill.  Your zeal to learn and master the skill can help you grow exponentially in the fashion industry. 

In TIFT’s course in Photography, you learn about the following key areas:

  • Use of Colour and Natural Light
  • Lighting techniques
  • Composition
  • Angles and Perspectives
  • Photo printing
  • Digital photo editing and printing
  • Handling various Cameras

You can also learn about the elements of style, basics or business and marketing aspects of fashion industry. The topics covered may include:

  • Portraiture techniques
  • Fashion design studios
  • Digital photography uses in fashion
  • Career development

Career and Job prospects

Once you finish a course in photography course, you become eligible to try your hands in the fashion industry. There are many career options such as you can start working with fashion houses, advertising agencies, modelling firms, big fashion photographers, fashion magazines, event management companies, fashion studios, fashion exhibitions. You can start your career as a freelancer or start your own business.

Fresh graduates can join fashion houses, photography studios or any other allied agencies as an intern to develop and gain more knowledge as a fashion photographer. Once you have developed your skills and feel confident to work independently, you can switch jobs or start on your own. If you have the desire and skill to grow as you keep learning and improving in your work then sky is the limit for you to make your name in the fashion industry. The Fashion industry is vast and keeps offering good opportunities to those who have got the talent.

Big fashion houses and better job prospects can be found in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi or international destinations like Paris, New York, Milan, Los Angeles, and Montreal, being the fashion hubs. You can try applying with the top recruiting fashion brands such as Femina, Vouge India, Lakme, Elle, Photographers Direct and Verve.

For more information on making a career in photography, you can contact and join courses offered in the fashion photography by Trendz Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad. You may also read our previous blog on this subject. 

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