Breathe life into characters with a degree in Multimedia and Animation Design

Multimedia and Animation training by TIFT

Multimedia and Animation design, allows you to play with characters and breathe life into inanimate objects by injecting them with energy. The field is a combination of entertainment as well as technology. As an Multimedia and Animation designer, you get to create designs, multimedia clips, attractive layouts and much more. Taking a professional course hones your animation and multimedia design skills and provides better understanding of the market trends.

A Bachelor’s course in the field of animation and multimedia design equips students to learn about the use of latest technologies and understand the fundamentals of motion, special effects and graphic designing among others.

The course acts as a catalyst for anyone pursuing a career in the field of design and content creation while working on creative ideas through the means of cartoons and digital art. It enables you to learn from basics to advanced concepts associated with fine arts, drawing and digital media. It will also help you get acquainted with elements of good design such as emphasis, variety, balance and unity apart from utilizing tools such as Maya 3D & Flash for creating pixel-perfect animation & web design.

Make the right career choice by choosing TIFT and gain practical knowledge about the field. To know more about our animation and multimedia design course, contact us.  

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