Create Forms and Transform Spaces with a Specialised Course in Interior Design

living room pic with couch for bachelors-of-arts-interior-design course by TIFT Hyderabad India

An interior designer provides character to objects and identity to spaces of tomorrow. It needs not just a flair for interior design but also a disciplined approach evolved through a proper combination of theory and practice. Taking a formal course in interior design can help hone skills to match market needs while considering contemporary trends in interior designing.

A course in Interior Design bachelor’s program in Interior Design equips you with the right technical sense to understand a space and exhibit it in an innovative form. The course teaches you about the dynamics of an environment and how you can transform it for better. At TIFT, we offer a three-year multidisciplinary bachelor’s program, which includes updated course materials, latest designing techniques, knowledge on quality standards, necessary industry exposure and collaborations with various entities.

This bachelor’s degree program in Interior Design provides an opportunity to students to evolve and align their thought process thereby sprucing up their design skills with a deep understanding of the nuances of interior designing. The program is designed to enable students to understand industry demands.

In order to bridge the gap between theory and practice, the interior design faculty at TIFT focus on creativity, technology, and sustainable design for a greener environment. Get in touch with us to know more and take an informed career decision.

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