Latest Interior Design Trends in India

interior design using plants and minimalistic earthy appeal

What makes a house become a home?

When a house has the elements to fulfil the lifestyle needs and personal space requirements, it soon becomes a home for those who live in it. Come to think of it, the interiors of a house have a bigger influence on giving a personal touch or sense of belonging for the occupants. Following the latest interior design trends makes a house stand apart from the crowd. That’s why interior design is in huge demand nowadays.

Let’s take a look at this year’s interior design trends.

Indoor Plants
Being forced to stay indoors had increased people’s desire to connect with nature. So, to brighten up everyone’s mood within the safe confines of the house, it would help to have the foliage with indoor plants. Bringing in some indoor plants can evidently release stress and enhance the overall look of the house. There are a variety of green landscaping options available from retro style hangings to beautiful blooms and sophisticated office plants.

Earthy Feel
A natural look can always bring the earthy feel to a place. The use of natural tones and neutralized hues with earthy palette can create a comforting and welcoming space. Colours like beige, brown, burnt orange, olive, white, deep reds, and warm greens can enhance the design remarkably.

Use of antiques and retro style is a trend that keeps people connected with the family roots and heritage. With the help of various rustic elements, we can add some old-world charm to the design and make it appeal the nostalgic feelings.

Keeping things simple and spacious is a must when designing houses these days, as it gives a bright and functional look. A less-is-more approach can help us create more open spaces indoors. Lightwood can be used to create spaces inspired by the Scandinavian style with great emphasis on minimalism, functionality and simplicity. It can give a natural look to the space when used in its raw colour for flooring, ceiling, etc.

Statement Pieces
Adding a cherry on top of the cake can never go wrong! A bold and eye-catching element in a room can act as an anchor for the room. It can make the space speak for itself and reflect the strong vibe it holds. A statement piece can be in the form of furniture, lighting, accessories, colour or even an artwork.

Face Line Graphic Art
The popular graphic art that has been the talk for a while on all social media platforms has made its grand entry to the interior design trends list. The minimal yet chic look of the monochrome art is highly favoured for its peaceful presentation of the female forms. It is most desired by the millennial club.

Warm Colours
Adding cosiness to a space is the way to transform it into a house. Warm colours are always great to make it feel like home in winters and even summers. The welcoming feel it reflects is refreshing and overwhelming. Colours like burnt orange, peacock blues can do wonders when used with darker colours like grey and navy blue.

Ultimate Grey & Illuminating Yellow
The use of Pantone colour is definitely one of most popular trends going around these days. The use of ultimate grey and illuminating yellow may be uplifting and pleasing. The feelings of strength and hopefulness are subtly represented using these colours.

There are many newer interior design trends being followed by experts and skilled designers across the globe. If you want to stay updated with the trends in interior design, do follow the TIFT blog. Trendz Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad is one of the leading interior design institutes in India with great courses in Interior Design.

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