Ancient Art of Draping is back in Vogue

draping done over a mannequin at TIFT Hyderabad - fashion design institute

Keeping it simple is what we all hear these days, whether it’s a daily outfit or a fashion show, the trend is to be simple and minimalistic. The well-known evolution in the fashion industry from multi-layered gowns and long skirts with frills to spring dresses has justified the need of simplicity in fashion. The current fashion trends are bringing back old style of clothing to life again, particularly the style statement of draping.

The art of draping is very common among the new minds as it provides a wide scope for creativity and innovation. A draped garment is usually made of a single cloth with the help of knots, belts, drapes, folds, pins, etc. It’s an art of clothing without scissors, cuts and stitches. 

Draping is one of the initial forms of clothing as in ancient times, people use to drape fabric or other material around their body to protect and cover themselves. Prevalence of draping has been witnessed since 3500 BC, as part of the Egyptian culture, Roman clothing, Mesopotamians, Greek fashion, Vedic period etc. through sculptures, cave paintings, wood carvings, and other antique pieces.

This art form has evolved drastically with time as nowadays, people use draping in various ways for multiple types of clothing. Designers have started draping clothes for dresses, tops, skirts, headbands, accessories, shrugs, belts, etc. To achieve the perfect look, designers often use the characteristics of the fabric like its weight, texture, length, and stretch to shape the outfit.  These qualities can help in creating free flowing patterns or wavy folds around the bodyline.

Draped garments can be prepared by either directly draping it onto the model or by first draping it on a mannequin and then providing it to the model after securing with pins or belts. Some of the most popular designers who prefer draping it directly on live models are Madame Gres, also known as the “Queen of the Drape” and Pauline Trigere, known for her classy ready to wear frill-less clothing. On the other hand, renowned designers like Madeline Vionnet, Cristobal Balenciaga, and Halston preferred draping their designs around a mannequin before proceeding for final look. Fashion designers and enthusiasts in current times have started experimenting with different ancient styles and methods to create a fusion of culture and trendy chic looks for today’s audience.

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