Is Metallic back in Fashion?

metallic is back in fashion style. blog by tift-hyderabad

The New York Fashion Week 2021 held early this year unveiled the fashion trends that would rule the ramp, this year. Ever since renowned designer Tadashi Shoji showcased his designs on the first day of the fashion week, people have been talking about his armour-inspired metallic pieces. The collection was aimed to reflect the strength of the person wearing it with various colours like bronze, red, orange, dark brown, or steel, made prominent with sparkly embellishments and drapes.

After witnessing such astonishing designs, people are anticipating the metallic trend back in 2021. Metallic has always been one of the best options to add glamour to a look with minimal efforts. It can be anything from a pair of shoes to a red carpet gown, if it has a shiny texture and ranges between shiny silver to golden bronze. Metallic dresses are often referred to as the best alternative to sequin dresses as one of the easiest and perfect ways to get noticed.

The range of metallic in the fashion industry is vast and has its own charm. A single splash of metallic colour can change a common ensemble look into a trendy one. It can be used in a particular part of the dress or as a complementing colour with non-metallic colours for a subtle look. Metallic is even preferred for everyday outfits and formal wear these days. A touch of liquid shine on shoes, clutches, jackets, jumpsuits, makeup, hairstyle, accessories, trousers, skirts, shirts, etc. can turn things around easily. Incorporating metallic fashion in sportswear is a new look, worth trying! A pair of metallic shoes with a gold shiny bomber jacket and loose sweat shorts can keep things sporty and chic.  

Metallic fashion is an easy approach of adding glamour to any outfit. It can always keep things simple yet perfect for trends. Learn more about metallic fashion and trends with one of the leading fashion institutes in Hyderabad, Trendz Institute of Fashion Technology.

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