Boost your career in the Fashion Industry with a Master’s Degree in Fashion Design

TIFT Hyderabad offers masters course in Fashion Design

The field of fashion design has been inspiring and fascinating youth and alike for several years now. It provides an arena where you can showcase your creative and artistic skills. A professional course in fashion designing, gives you an opportunity to work with manufacturers, retailers and fashion designers to fulfill the demand of the customers. Fashion designing and merchandising have become hot career options in the last few years and a master’s degree in fashion design offers in-depth knowledge of the fashion business including entrepreneurship, marketing, etc.

After completing your bachelors/undergraduate degree in fashion designing, pursuing a specialized branch of fashion can provide growth and longevity to your career. A specialization in Fashion Design can help turn fresh graduates into skilled fashion design professionals who will be an asset to the fashion industry through their original thinking, creative and technical skills.

TIFT Hyderabad offers a full-time, two-year program which is hands-on, practical oriented and focuses on finer nuances of apparel designing and garment design industry. Through a well-structured and highly-planned curriculum, this two-year, full-time postgraduate degree in Fashion Design helps the individuals to acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of textiles, garment design, apparel and print design alongside gaining knowledge of manufacturing processes that help create visually-appealing designs.

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